Post hoc Ergo propter hoc

Trying to Setup Existing Octopress Blog

Have been trying to setup the blog (using rsync) from a fresh installation of Linux Mint on my E6510. Well, this might be the only laptop available for me in the coming month or two.


1, try to install ruby 2.1.0 using rvm, and use it as default.

2, gem install bundle has issues when ruby 1.9.3 was used instead. (at least on my comp)

3, strangely I found out that in Linux Mint, .bashrc doesn’t automatically include .bash_profile. That is really…..weired. (or maybe I accidentally removed the linkage?)

This is me being stupid and ignorant… : .bashrc & .bash_profile

Being a Learner (Programmer)


Take aways from Angelina Fabbro’s JSConf presentation

[Angelina Fabbro : Javascript Masterclass]

Ask yourself constantly “WHY?”. Not only in programming or while reading others code, also in life, in everyday life you need to consistantly question yourself of what/how/what-if-not

racklessly experiment your code!

HAVE a stand(opinion).

Seek mentorship.

Learn to write in other lanugage. At least for a little bit.

Think like a programmer.

Some Initial Thoughts About Octopress


First of all, it is true that if an article cannot be set to a proper category, it is, by all means, “undefined”.



cheetsheet link

中文解说 link


Greyshade [demo] [github repo]

stash [demo]

compbits [demo] [github repo]

mnml [demo] [github repo]

oct2 [github repo]

CleanPress [demo] [github repo]

whitespace [demo] [github repo]


Writing blog is boring…

There is no cross-system WindowsLiveWriter kind of blogging client available. (yes, live writer is the best I had ever used…)

It’s cool. :p

It’s fully controlable. (online, offline, preview, commit without publishing, etc…)

Why not

Limited community support.

Limited plugins.

No user access right management. (at least I havn’t found any)


To embed a picece of code, codeblock

[rectangle setX: 10 y: 10 width: 20 height: 20];


so let’s start blogging, again.

First Post


This is the first post.

Still trying to figure out how to put tags and category